Curious creature of co[mp/nf]ounding creation cruising the  coalescing chaotic currents of cognitive creativity!

A conscientious co-creator of the cosmic comedy who's perpetually psyched about science, magic, big words and ostentatious writing, enjoying most of the music I listen to, indulging in the forbidden fruits, and not sleeping over knowing what is known and not knowing what is not known. When I'm not creating I can be found pacing about town, fastidiously failing to whistle, and placidly pondering  (pretending not to panic about) the problematic and perturbing predicaments humanity is currently phacing. Consumer Warning: The state of California has determined that this person exhibits an outspoken and mildly abrasive enthusiasm for politics and social justice and has been shown to exhibit a queer sense of humor. May be irritating to some individuals.
and much more !
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