Back-alley wand dealer. Keeper of few keys. A consistently inconsistent paradox. Drawing you in, but refusing to draw you like the so-called "bitch who draws at the bar" I am rumored to be.

I am a Pennsylvania based (Virginia and Texas grown) maker of many things. I love science, magic, the universe's humor, authentic living, big words and ostentatious writing, most of the music I listen to, learning stuff that freaks me out, watching animated entertainment to pretend to forget what I learned, and not sleeping over knowing what is known and not knowing what is not known. When I'm not creating wonderfully whacky wares or commissioned content for clients, I can be found perplexing people around town, fastidiously failing to whistle, or placidly pondering possible solutions to (and pretending not to panic about) the problematic and perturbing predicaments humanity is currently phacing. Consumer Warning: The state of California has determined that this person exhibits an odd sense of internal humor and contains an outspoken and mildly abrasive enthusiasm for politics and social justice. May be irritating to some individuals.

My art is an ever evolving visual amalgamation of interconnected thoughts, feelings, and ideas flowing forth from a cosmically chaotic collage of continuous change within my (un)consciously curated creative universe. Like a puzzle, I find it all fits together eventually.

As a freelance designer and illustrator I've worked alone and as part of a team on projects spanning a variety of industries. Creating and developing bespoke branding, graphics, illustrations, marketing materials, books, and web and app UI for museums, schools, start ups, small shops, individuals, local governments, and national corporations. (I even designed a patented banana peel wet floor sign!)

The more you know, yah know?

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